The Mission of the Windy City Sisters was founded in August of 2008. Our mentor house was Los Angeles and as our membership grew, we were granted house status and access to the trademark with The Order of The Sisters Of Perpetual Indulgence™ in June of 2011. The Windy City Sisters celebrated their Exequatur in March of 2012. Since then, our house has been busy networking with other organizations and continuing our service to our community. Below you can find a description of our current Officer positions and what they are about.

Board positions:

Abbess/Abbott (President) - The President shall: prepare the agenda for and preside at all regular and special meetings of the Corporation; direct, subject to the advice of the Board, the planning of the functions of the Corporation and its activities; assist, within thirty (30) days of taking office, in the creation of a budget and a time line for the Corporation; serve as the official representative or appoint the official representatives of the Corporation, as needed. Other duties may be determined by these bylaws or at the discretion of the Board or GM as necessary.  She prefers to call herself Prioress since she serves the community and does not wish to call herself President or Abbess.  Currently held by Nia Preen.

Mistress/Master of Novices (Vice President) - The Vice-President (VP) shall serve as the assistant to the President in all duties of the President and shall assume the duties of the President in the President's absence. The VP shall also assume those duties delegated by the President. Additionally the VP is responsible for the overall process of progressing applicants and members who have not yet acquired their full profession in the Order. The VP shall disseminate educational materials to all applicants and new members until such time as they reach their full profession. Other duties may be determined by these bylaws or at the discretion of the Board or GM as necessary. Also this position helps to guide new members into the organization.  Currently held by Sister Devoida Klass.

Mistress/Master of Purse (Treasurer) -  The Treasurer of the Board shall handle all monies of the Board and see that accurate records are kept on expenditures. Within thirty (30) days of election, the Treasurer shall submit a Board budget for the Board's approval.  Corporation; transacting or supervising transaction of ail disbursements and receivable and keeping accurate records of such; depositing atl monies and valuables in the name of and to the credit ofthe Corporation in such depositories as may be designated by the Board; submitting to the Board a full quarterly financial report listing expenditures, receivable and conditions of assets; preparing for submission all necessary books, vouchers and records for audit by an independent certified public accountant at the end of each term of office or upon request by a two-thirds (ZIB) vote of the Board; producing said audit at the annual meeting; and serving as one of three (3) cosignatories on the accounts of the Corporation (the other two will be the President and Secretary of the Corporation). Other duties may be determined by these bylaws or at the discretion of the Board or GM as necessaryCurrently held by Guard Ehrma Gawrd 

Mistress/Master of Ink (Secretary) - The Secretary of the Board shalt take the minutes of the Board meeting, keep the roster of attendance at Board meetings and notify all Board members of up-coming meetings of the Board .   Currently held by Guard Moe Cock.

Member At Large - This position is mainly to cast a deciding vote when there is a tie vote for a motion.  Currently held by Guard Rimya Deep.

Non Board positions

Mistress/Master of Protocol -  While good will and good behavior generally reign and guide the sisters through their mission there is still a sense of uniformity.  It is through the strong foundation documents that this uniformity is maintained.  However, with time, things change and the Abbey should progress forward as well.  The Mistress of Protocol would be the touchstone regarding abbey policies, rules and rituals as well as the nun who makes and tracks the updates to these documents as they develop with the Abbey.  Duties and responsibilities include: Maintaining the Policies and Procedures current with Abbey practices. Maintaining the By-Laws current with Abbey practices.  Develop and maintain ritual practices. Coordinate with the Mistress of Archives for Sistorical and filing purposes. Serve as a reference point regarding matters reflected in the Policies, Procedures and By-Laws.  Currently held by Sister Nia Preen

Mistress/Master of Web - The development of Archives is essential to memorializing all the fabulous and wonderful events, activities and happenings involving the Windy City Sisters.  It is also key towards completing the Exequatur requirements as well as providing a resource to the future generations of Windy City Sisters.  The Mistress of Archives would perform the function of collecting and maintaining this records as well as coordinating with a number of other nuns to this same end.  Duties and responsibilities would include:  Archive events and Manifestations. Maintain the Abbey Sistory. Coordinate with point nuns regarding recurring events. Maintain records of Elevations. Coordinate with Exequatur committee regarding submissions. Coordinate with webmaster to maintain a “fresh face” to the public. Currently this position is also combined with Secretary and encompasses all forms of Electronic Media and Communications.  It is held by Guard Moe Cock.

Captain of the Guards - Oversees the Guards in conjunction with Mistress of Novices.  Currently held by Guard Rimya Deep.

Mistress/Master of Events (Event Committee Chair) - Responsible for Abbey sponsored events and coordinating them.  Is the chair holder for communication with the house members regarding these events.  Currently held by Guard Rimya Deep

Mistress/Master of Lip Service (Social Committee Chair) - Responsible for communicating to other social organizations concerning Abbey sponsored events and in turn provides the Abbey with information regarding other social organizations and their events that may be planned.  Currently held by Guard Rimya Deep.