The path of a Sister or Guard (a member) of our order works as follows.  If you encounter one of us in public during one of our many manifestations, we can direct you to our Mistress of Novices.  She helps to guide new members down the path which is best suited to their personality.  There are currently two paths:  A Sister or A Guard.  Both are essentially the same with a few differences in attire and the way you interface with the public.  First let us discuss the steps common to both paths. 

  1. Aspirant : This is defined as a person that is interested in learning more about the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence and how we function as a group. This step mainly requires you to come to our monthly general meetings which we discuss the business side of our non-profit company.

  2. Postulant : This step is next once you have determined you wish to join our order. It is the first step in becoming either a Guard or a Sister. The attire again is different and the rules for makeup also differ. You also are restricted in how you interact when you are in public since you are in a learning mode.

  3. Novice : This step means you understand the basics of how the Sisters operate and what it means to be part of our mission. It is the final step before becoming what is called a Fully Professed Member. You must complete a project which benefits the group or the public in some way. The project must be approved by the current members.

  4. Finally once your Novice Project is completed and approved by the current members as well as any other learning the group feels you must complete in order to function as a full member, you are voted up to become what is called Fully Professed. This then allows you to vote as a board member and you are now either a Sister or Guard and usually take public vows.

The main difference between a Sister and a Guard is your attire, your face painting, and your role that you project to the public.  They will be explained further if you go through the process of becoming a member. Please reach out to the Abbey at if you are interested in joining the Abbey!