A long, long time ago, in 1976, far away in the land of Oz (Iowa), a convent of Roman Catholic nuns lent some retired habits to The Sugar Plum Fairies performing their version of The Sound of Music. One year later, one of our Founders Sister Vicious Power Hungry Bitch (Ken Bunch) moved to San Francisco (1977) and brought those habits to the streets of the Castro district... The following took place in 1979 and 1980.  The actual first public outing was Easter Sunday 1979 in Dolores Park where a yearly anniversary and conclave is held in San Francisco.

Reverend Mother - Bill Graham

Reverend Mother - Bill Graham

First Manifestation

Missionary Position, Barouk, Vicious Power Hungry Bitch
Through the streets and to the Nude Beach in San Francisco

Second Manifestation :

Agnes-Sister Hysterectoria, Vicious Power Hungry Bitch, Missionary Position
Kezer Stadium - Fire Department v Gay Softball Team

The Convent : was a Flat on Asbury Street

First Order :

Agnes-Sister Hysterectoria, Vicious Power Hungry Bitch, Missionary Position, Reverend Mother
At the Convent in San Francisco

Second Order :

The First Order after SF
Mother Abyss (Formerly Mother Inferior)
Sydney, Australia

First Habit:  

Sister Hysterectoria
14th Century Flammish Ladies-in-waiting
Funded through a City Grant

First Coronet:

Sister Hysterectoria
French Cloister Wimple
Funded Through a City Grant

First Logo:

Sister Secuba

TMI Protest March:

Rosary in Time of Nuclear Peril
Pom-Pom Routine

First Fundraiser:

Bingo/Disco Benefit for Gay Cuban Refugees
Second Seating to accomodate all
4 cards played; Raised $1500+